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Hella More Funner was started by the loathsome Adam Gray and the reviled Sam Fuchs in Los Angeles just as the bubble reached its peak. Our work reflects our squandered time, A.D.D., boredom, apathy, and outrage at a world for being so indifferent. Kim Kardashian Just Posted A Pic Of Her Face Covered In Psoriasis. We worshiped the sun, beaches, celebrities, its promise and our potential (to be famous). Through the internet we had a panoptic view of everything that was happening and yet we had no power to affect it. Design A House In 10 Steps And We'll Reveal Which Sandwich You're Most Like. So like many millennials we cocooned ourselves in social media and became our own topic of artistic inquiry and critique: The Self-Obsessed Millennial. What Store-Bought Cookie Matches Your Personality? Our cognitive abilities were in every way outmatched by our growing perceptual powers. When everything is within reach, nothing is special. We view our collective distraction as a cognitive plague that threatens to unravel generations of productive and focused thought. How many times did you look at your phone in the last 20 minutes? How Many Times Do You Say "Chugga" Before "Choo Choo"? Making it more difficult now than ever to address serious long-term problems. We were increasingly connected but rarely touched. We were blessed with innumerable choices but floundered in our uncertainty. In short Opera doesn’t love us and never will and that is Hella More Funner.